Yoei™ Electric Lunch Box  Portable self-heating meal cooker

What is egg boiler?

Get more out of the ordinary eggs with an Electric Egg Boiler by Yoei. The compact kitchen device not only cooks up to 6 whole eggs at once, but also offers choices of doneness from perfectly cooked soft to hard-boiled eggs.

Whole eggs aside, whip up a couple for a gloriously smooth steamed egg custard. The egg rack can also be used to warm up dumplings, fishballs, and other nibbles.


cooks hard or soft boiled eggs, egg custard, steams, warms and more
Perfect control
Choose doneness of eggs (soft, medium or hard) by measuring different volumes of water using included measuring cup
Compact and sleek dome design

Why choose Yoei™ Egg Boiler

  • Convenience

    Yoei egg boiler can be used anywhere easily. No extra cooking devices needed. With automatic cut-off, you don’t need to stand by and watch over anymore.

  • Taste

    Doneness isn’t hard to control anymore with Yoei egg boiler. Choose freely between half-boiled and fully boiled eggs by using the included measuring cup to add different amount of water.

  • Safety

    A built-in dry-boil automatic cut off ensures safe operation. There is also no more danger of scalding.

  • Cost

    Water and energy consumption is minimized with careful design.

Simple steps to boil perfect eggs

  • Step 1:

    Measure appropriate amount of water according to instruction manual and pour onto the heating plate.

  • Step 2:

    Place eggs, bun or egg custard for steaming in designated holders and cover.

  • Step 3:

    Plug in power supply and press power button. Wait for the egg boiler to turn off automatically when ready.

Egg Boiler EB-516

1L/6 eggs